Ribolla - 2007
9.00 / 10

White Still, Dry
Italy, IGP Venezia Giulia
Ribolla Gialla
1690 UAH, 1890 UAH


Stanko Radikon is a legendary farmer and winemaker from a legendary region. He and his friends (Gravner) started period of renaissance for amber wines - white wines with extended skin maceration. But of course, in town of Oslavia it was called “Slovenian” or “Friuli” style - hand-harvesting, skin contact, large and older barrel fermentation without any temperature control, no added yeasts or enzymes, and little to no use of sulfur.

The vineyards were originally planted in the beginning of XX century by Stanko’s grandfather Franz Mikulus with the local favorite, the Ribolla Gialla grape. And basically, Stanko went back to the ways his grandfather was producing wines back in 30s.

After Stanko passing away in 2016, his son Saša took the winery in his hands. Though people say that nothing has really changed in the philosophy of Radikon winery as Saša has been helping out since he was a kid and a partner since 2006.

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2022-01-11 - 9.00

Beautiful Ribolla Gialla at the right age. Opulent but delicate and slightly reductive bouquet full of apricot and quince jam, forest floor, dried apricots and nuts. Almost full-bodied, fresh with medium-high and round tannin. Almost perfectly balanced, flavourful, complex and sexy.

2023-02-07 - 9.00

On the Collio Hills, wine #3.

Unlike the previous wine (Gravner Ribolla 2004), this one is something I would like to drink daily. Don’t get me wrong, Radikon Ribolla 2007 is a complex wine that requires attention, but in a way, it’s more open and approachable.

Generous bouquet of spoiled apricots, mould, VA, dried field flowers and roasted coffee beans. Fresh and juicy (despite the age), with good fruit quality and mature tannin. Perfectly balanced. I just want to keep drinking it. Alas, only 0.5 litres, which is not enough even for one person.

Compared to Gravner, it’s less clean and less incredible on the palate, but it compensates well with generosity and openness. In a way, it illustrates the personality of both winemakers.

2023-02-14 - 9.00

Wine #4 on Between Collio and Carso.

This Ribolla is so quaffable. Even more than Gravner ’10. Aye, it’s nice to share this bottle with other people and see how much they enjoy it. But some part of my heart tells me that it was a mistake. Edi Kante was right about bottle size. I want to double the volume and drink it by myself.

To read some real tasting notes, refer to my previous review of this wine I did just a week ago.