Tenuta di Castellaro
Corinto - 2017
8.12 / 10

Red Still, Dry
Tenuta di Castellaro
Italy, IGP Terre Siciliane
1092 UAH, 1189 UAH, 892 UAH, 1250 UAH

100% Corinto Nero. It is a rare grape that originates from Greece, though today, it also grows in Turkey and the Po Valley in Emilia-Romagna. As they joke, this bottle exists only thanks to eno-archeology. The vines grow at 350 meters above sea level on sandy, volcanic, deep and fertile soils rich in microelements. The grapes are handpicked and destemmed. Vinification happens in French oak barrels with maceration for about 10 days. After that, the wine is poured into 500L barrels where malolactic fermentation takes place and is then aged for at least one year prior to bottling.


What do you know about winemaking on the Aeolian Islands? A volcanic archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea north of Sicily, best known for Stromboli and Lipari. But wines? Tenuta di Castellaro is probably the only winery known outside of this land. Alright, alright. We already tasted this particular wine on 2nd November 2021 as part of the first Il Pirata. So some of you are not amazed at all. Still…

Massimo Lentsch and Stefania Frattolillo, entrepreneurs from Bergamo (Lombardy), simply fell in love with Lipari and decided to create a work of art here. The winery came to life in 2005. They invited Alessandro Zanutta, an agronomist from Collio, and Emiliano Falsini, a winemaker from Tuscany. You see, it’s all about coming there and not being able to fleet.


2021-11-02 - 8.50

Tasting this wine is amazing because it comes from Lipari island, it is made of 100% Corinto and most importantly, it’s great. Slight notes of smoke, dried red fruits, spices and green pepper with licorice. Interesting evolution in glass, long and flavourful aftertaste. Appealing, bright with right level of complexity.

Tasted as part of Il Pirata event.

2022-11-17 - 8.00

Over the last year, it became more developed (captain obvious). Dried fruits, spices, wet wood, earth, fried sunflower seed, medicinal herbs, and old jam. Medium body, round and soft with medium acidity. Easy and pleasant wine. Not sure why I rated it that high a year ago. Now I need to taste their blend of Corinto and Nero d’Avola again.

2023-01-17 - 8.00

This is cheating, I know. But any event dedicated to Sicilian wines must include at least one wine from the Aeolian Islands or Pantelleria. These days the choice in Kyiv stores is not that rich, though I have no reasons not to repeat this beautiful Corinto from Lipari (e.g. it was part of the previous Il Pirata). And again, it was received well despite being tasted blindly.

Over the year, it became even better. A neat combination of brine, raw meat, cherry, dark plums, violets and coffee beans. Maybe it’s not very complex, though it’s definitely not simple. Good palate, balance and fruit. A wine that you drink with big sips. A wine that lets you step back and enjoy your moments of calmness.

Wine #6 on Il Pirata Vol. 2.

2023-01-24 - 8.00

It was a mean thing to put anything after the gorgeous COS Cerasuolo ’10, but IMO Corinto managed to express itself. Partially because it follows the theme started by Cerasuolo. It has some brine (a tiny bit, it only adds complexity), raw meat, cherry, violets and dark chocolate. Good balance and fruit. Of course, it’s less fascinating, but it’s a good wine nevertheless.

Wine #6 on Il Pirata Vol. 3.