Momento Mori
Bianco - 2018
8.50 / 10

White Still, Dry
Momento Mori
Australia, Gippsland
Fiano, Greco di Tufo, Chardonnay
892 UAH

I have finally reached the point where most of the wines have had an extra year or so in tank or bottle before being released. It will most probably only be the Fistful of Flowers which gets released the same year it is vinified each year.

That being said I think the wines look so much more settled and cohesive with that bit of extra time on them.

I don’t believe that when working within such a dynamic system as nature that wines should be made to a recipe or style every year. I like to try and consider what we have to work with each year and let the season, fruit and also the subsequent wines in tank dictate what style or cuvee they will end up being.

With that in mind the 2018 Bianco is an entirely different beast than the 2017.

This is roughly 40% Fiano, 40% Greco di Tufo and 20% co-fermented Fiano and Chardonnay.

They were all (except the Fiano/Chard component) fermented separately in stainless steel using various fermentation techniques and all had a decent amount of skin contact. 9 months for the Greco and 1 – 2 months for the others. They all had at least 18 months elevage on full solids and were racked only once to assemble the final blend before bottling.

The resulting wine is poised, structured and energetic. It has some weight from the skin contact but is in no way heavy. It seems light, laser focused and fresh whilst having a good amount of chalky grip and super vibrant acidity.

I’m not a fan of overly fruit forward wines and this one ticks all of the boxes for me.

This is without a doubt one of the best orange wines I’ve put to bottle!


2020-07-08 - 8.50

Apparently, extra time before release is a good idea. I am glad that Momento Mori reached the point where they can afford this. Bianco is cohesive. Honey, wild flowers, kombucha or light beer, chalk. Well balanced, structured, long aftertaste, delicious. I want more!