Tenuta Regaleali Nozze d'Oro - 2018
7.75 / 10

White Still, Dry
Italy, Sicilia DOC
Sauvignon Blanc, Inzolia
548 UAH, 880 UAH

This wine has an intriguing name - golden wedding. Count Giuseppe Tasca d’Almerita is a true winemaker. To celebrate his 50th anniversary with his wife Franca, he decided to create a new wine that would tell a story of estate and family. And so, in 1984, he blends Inzolia and Sauvignon Blanc to get a Nozze d’Oro between two grapes cultivated by his family since WW1.

Inzolia comes from the Barbabietole vineyard (8.4 ha) planted in 1972. Sauvignon Blanc - Tramontanata vineyard (6.67 ha) planted in 1998. Both grapes are fermented in stainless steel tanks for 15 days, but Sauvignon grapes are cold-macerated for a short period of time. Malolactic fermentation doesn’t occur. The wine is aged in stainless steel tanks on lees for 5-6 months.


Wine producer from Sicilia, Italy. They cultivate grapes in the vineyards of 5 different estates:

  • Tenuta Regaleali
  • Tenuta Capofaro
  • Tenuta Tascante
  • Fondazione Whitaker
  • Tenuta Sallier de La Tour
Image is taken from https://www.tascadalmerita.it/


2022-06-06 - 7.75

Interesting blend of Inzolia with Sauvignon Blanc, a pair of grapes for a wine called ‘golden wedding’ dedicated to 50 year anniversary of Count Giuseppe Tasca d’Almerita with his wife Franca. Slightly tropical bouquet mixed with citrus, pebbles and honeycomb. Fresh, good volume, long evolving aftertaste with nice slightly bitter finish. Flavours evolve from stone fruits with pineapple and lemon juice to honey and then end up with some hazelnut notes. Sounds more exciting than in reality, but it’s good.

2023-01-21 - 7.75

It was on a pretty good sale, and remembering my previous experience with this wine, I decided to take a few bottles more. Pretty much the same result. Stone fruits, green hazelnut, citrus, pebbles and honeycomb. It’s fresh with good volume, almost full-bodied. It has a long aftertaste with a pleasant bitterness in the finish and flavours of stone fruits, lemon juice and honey.

2023-01-31 - 7.75

Wine #3 on Norm Wines Vol. 1.

Good blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Inzolia. Stone fruits, green hazelnut, caramel, pebbles and honey. Fresh and voluminous with a long and persistent aftertaste. Lovely finish with flavours of stone fruits, honey and lemon juice.