Vino di Anna
Qvevri 'Don Alfio' - 2016
8.20 / 10

Red Still, Dry
Vino di Anna
Italy, IGP Terre Siciliane
Nerello Mascalese, Alicante Henri Bouschet, Nerello Cappuccio
1190 UAH, 1092 UAH, 1150 UAH


Jokingly they say that I am brand ambassador of Vino di Anna. It all boils down to my love for their wines. And how I force people to drink them.


2020-07-31 - 8.00

Alright, I didn’t expect it to be so damn good. Burst of strawberries and mulberries, violets and underbrush, subtle hints of pickles. Elegant, savoury and tarty. Juicy with very long finish. Definitely my style. Bottle ended too fast :(

2020-09-01 - 8.00

I simply love this wine. Dumplings with strawberries, covered with cracklings and cream, mulberries and underbrush, hints of pickles. Elegant, complex with slight funky touch in the taste, long finish and very tasty. I want more.

2020-09-30 - 8.50

I have to repeat myself, Don Alfio is very tasty, sophisticated and multilayered wine. Elegant combination of red fruits and underbrush. Hints of red meat and pickles. Tasty, powerful, perfectly balanced. Has potential, which makes me wonder how it will taste in few years. But I doubt that I will get an answer, cause I am going to drink everything now.

2021-10-27 - 8.00

The last time I tasted this wine more than a year ago and after reading some tasting notes from other people decided to check it’s development. Intense bouquet full of small red fruits, mulberry, underbrush, fresh leather, anise and other spices with pleasant VA touch. On the palate it is still green with powerful and harsh tannin and fruit-forward finish. I want to taste it in 5 years.

2022-09-27 - 8.50

Hehe. This wine is like my little brother - uncouth, yet with potential. And we all expect it to develop into a beautiful butterfly (wine, not my brother). I understand why it’s against the UN convention to serve it without decanting, but I prefer it rough. Clear medium garnet colour (if you avoid sediment). It is aromatic and shows some age: red fruits, mulberry, underbrush, spices, tobacco, and a slight touch of VA. Bone dry, full-bodied, crisp with high and dry tannin. Yet, it’s well-balanced. Long aftertaste with flavours of red berries, leather and wet forest floor. There is some minerality. Not a simple one.

Wine #7 on Mixed Bag Vol. 4.